Vision Statement: 

Equip Progress Norwood with cultural competency in all of our efforts and engage proactively to  promote representation proportionate to the communities in Norwood.


Cultural Competency Goals:

To further cultural competency: the ability to understand and respectfully respond to the perspectives of others. This includes but is not limited to age, sex, disability, spirituality, ethnicity, and gender identity. We will learn from and advocate for children, families, and individuals who are marginalized in our society. We will collaborate with the public and private groups and organizations to engender respect and embrace cultural competency within our community. 


  1. Internal education

    1. Regular/rotating info shared on how Progress Norwood can incorporate CC into all it’s efforts

      1. Team members will share resources for education

    2. Utilize the work of other social justice organizations doing work around CC

  2. Public education

    1. Partnerships/Collaborations with orgs doing similar work 

    2. Sharing CC resources through social media outlets

  3. Outreach

    1. Build Relationships with a diverse cultural groups

      1. Create more content in multiple languages

      2. Attend community events, patronize diverse businesses

    2. Social Media strategies to support these goals


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